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Fundamentals Of Silicon Carbide Technology

RRP $68.00

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A comprehensive introduction and up-to-date reference to SiC power semiconductor devices covering topics from material properties to applications

Based on a number of breakthroughs in SiC material science and fabrication technology in the 1980s and 1990s, the first SiC Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) were released as commercial products in 2001.  The SiC SBD market has grown significantly since that time, and SBDs are now used in a variety of power systems, particularly switch-mode power supplies and motor controls.  SiC power MOSFETs entered commercial production in 2011, providing rugged, high-efficiency switches for high-frequency power systems.  In this wide-ranging book, the authors draw on their considerable experience to present both an introduction to SiC materials, devices, and applications and an in-depth reference for scientists and engineers working in this fast-moving field.  Fundamentals of Silicon Carbide Technology covers basic properties of SiC materials, processing technology, theory and analysis of practical devices, and an overview of the most important systems applications.  Specifically included are:

  • A complete discussion of SiC material properties, bulk crystal growth, epitaxial growth, device fabrication technology, and characterization techniques.
  • Device physics and operating equations for Schottky diodes, pin diodes, JBS/MPS diodes, JFETs, MOSFETs, BJTs, IGBTs, and thyristors.
  • A survey of power electronics applications, including switch-mode power supplies, motor drives, power converters for electric vehicles, and converters for renewable energy sources.
  • Coverage of special applications, including microwave devices, high-temperature electronics, and rugged sensors.
  • Fully illustrated throughout, the text is written by recognized experts with over 45 years of combined experience in SiC research and development.

This book is intended for graduate students and researchers in crystal growth, material science, and semiconductor device technology. The book is also useful for design engineers, application engineers, and product managers in areas such as power supplies, converter and inverter design, electric vehicle technology, high-temperature electronics, sensors, and smart grid technology.

Career Change In A Week

RRP $19.99

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Learn in a week, what the experts learn in a lifetime.

Today's business world is changing faster than ever, and this combined with longer working lives means that the ability to change careers successfully (whether through choice or forced) is crucial to anyone who wants to be successful over a number of decades.

Sunday: Use research to test the strength of your ideas and identify your transferable skills

Monday: Understand the financial implications of changing your job and find ways to supplement your income

Tuesday: Overcome lack of skills and experience by gaining new qualifications and considering work experience

Wednesday: Assess the opportunities available within your company and convince your employers of your aspirations

Thursday: Create an effective CV for the outside job market and learn how to get noticed without experience

Friday: Explore your options when career change is forced on you and use the temporary job market as your 'Trojan horse'

Saturday: Reduce your hours and responsibilities in your current job or find a career which is less demanding

About the Authors

Pat Scudamore and Hilton Catt are experienced careers consultants and trainers, and the authors of many successful books on career management.

Barbara Kraus' Calories And Carbohydrates

RRP $15.99

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Barbara Kraus' Calories and Carbohydrates has long been considered the essential guide to getting the most up-to-date, A-to-Z dietary information on all your favorite foods. Now, in this newly revised and updated edition, you'll discover the most accurate and reliable calorie and carbohydrate counts for over 8,500 food brands and products, including:
· Auntie Anne's Pretzels
· Bruegger's Bagel Restaurants
· El Monterey Food Products
· Boar's Head Cheese
· Campbell's Supper Bakes
· Atkins Food Products
· Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Each entry is arranged according to portion size, and the extensive cross-referencing will help you find what you need-fast. Recommended by doctors for weight control, this indispensable guide simplifies dieting whether you are counting calories, or carbohydrates, or both.
"Destined to have that well-worn, thumbed-through look of every useful book on your shelf."-The Cincinnati Post

A Foodie's Guide To Juice Fasting

RRP $29.99

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If a juice-based diet is so healthy, why don't more people do it?

They may think they cannot go without food-or they're afraid to even try.

You can overcome that fear, rejuvenate your body, and rid it of toxins with the tools and strategies offered in this guide to juice fasting.

A guide that provides twenty-one juice recipes to quench your foodie's thirst and heal your body.

Get the answers to important questions, such as: Why is it so important to include a form of fasting into daily life? What steps can reduce reliance on caffeine so you can start juice fasting? What other baby steps will help you juice fast? How should you approach the first three days of your juice fast?

Inspirational quotes from some of history's greatest thinkers support the concept of fasting and will set your mind at ease. Plus, the author's personal experience with juice fasting gives you an insider's perspective on what to expect.

Whether you want to overcome a sickness, feel more energetic, or improve your overall health, you'll move closer to your goal with "A Foodie's Guide to Juice Fasting." "

Advocating For Children In Foster And Kinship Care

RRP $241.99

Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book!

In order to guide children successfully through their time in foster or kinship care, caregivers and practitioners must begin to advocate for the child before he or she is placed with a family, and then both need to combine their fight until permanency for the child is established. Few resources explain the best ways to navigate the labyrinthine, and at times frustrating, institution of foster care, not to mention the dynamics of the foster or kinship relationship once the child enters a home. Additionally, caregivers who raise their relatives' children also seek a relatable resource.Mitchell Rosenwald and Beth N. Riley introduce the first book to offer strategies for effectively advocating for youth in foster and kinship care, paying special attention to the consequences of the trauma youth may experience. Advocacy must be consistent throughout a child's assignment and adjustment, and this text teaches practitioners the best methods for assessing a family's abilities and level of commitment, while guiding families through the various challenges of the foster care system. Part one details the important steps that potential foster parents and kinship caregivers should consider, with the assistance of practitioners, when contemplating caring for youth. Part two addresses advocacy within service providers, such as family court, social service agencies, schools, and the medical and mental health establishments. Part three describes lobbying for agency and legislative change, as well as change within a given community. Case examples ground recommendations in concrete contexts, and an entire chapter discusses how to broker a successful partnership between practitioners, families, and other disciplinary teams.


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