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Carefully Consider The Real Cost Of That Fixer Upper

If you watch television, you have seen the shows that turn dumps into pristine dream homes. Fixer uppers can return good profits, but be careful when calculating repair costs. Carefully Consider the Real Cost of that Fixer Upper Flip it! Ah, the American Dream to the road to riches. The goal is to find a decent to nice neighborhood with one home that can charitably be considered to have a lot of “character.” Translating this infamous real estate term, the place is a dump and needs lots of........ Read More

Fixing Health Care

The cost of health insurance continues to climb unabated. As the number of uninsured in America swells to 45 million people, many look to our political leaders for answers and relief. Presidential campaign rhetoric about how to control skyrocketing health care costs provides only short-term solutions focused on the sticker price. But the administration should address long-term solutions to the spiraling crisis. In 2002, the United States spent $1.6 trillion, or nearly 15 percent of GDP, on he........ Read More

Fixed Rate Credit Cards Explained

There are so many types of credit cards around that it can be hard to work out which is the best. However, one type of card that is quite popular is the fixed rate credit card. Fixed rate credit cards give you the peace of mind that your APR will remain the same for a given time, with all the benefits of a normal card. If you want to know more about fixed rate credit cards, then this article can help you. What does 'fixed' mean? A fixed rate credit card is a card that has an APR that will ........ Read More

Three Things You Can Do To Fix Car Sickness

Dear Adam: Thank you so much for your tip on how to get my dog to come to me. After only a day of training he now comes right away no matter where I am. I am definitely the Alpha Dog around here. I do have another problem. He always gets car sick. Yes, I have not fed him and taken him on short trips. But he always gets sick. He also hyperventilates when I get out of the car even to just get the mail. Not sure what to do. Thanks, Patrick Dear Patrick, Car sickness like you've described is 10........ Read More

Your Guide To Quick To Fix, Easy Low Carb Recipes

Everyone these days wants to find easy, low-carb recipes to build a healthy diet that is low in carbohydrates. With the recent low-carb craze, dieters can find information all over the place. Here are some guidelines to help you get what you want out of the low-carb phenomenon. Whether you are searching the Internet, paging through a cookbook or digging through a friend’s pile of recipes, you need to keep in mind what it is that you want out of this diet. You should desire low-carb recipes th........ Read More

Fixed Rate Vs. Variable Rate Credit Cards

Although it is mostly industry practice to charge a variable rate of interest on outstanding credit balances at a certain percentage rate above Prime Lending Rate, it is possible, these days, to obtain a fixed rate credit card. So, when would you want to apply for a fixed rate credit card over a variable rate credit card? The answer to this may not actually sound as simply as you may think. Two factor need to be borne in mind: first, what is the Prime Lending Rate at the moment; and second, wha........ Read More

Your Fixed Rate Credit Card Could Cost You More.

Fixed rate credit card appear like an attractive option, especially if the credit card with fixed rate of interest is set low. There are many credit card issuers who offer fixed rate credit cards, and combined with a really low introductory rate followed by a low fixed rate, it looks like the best thing to go in for. It could be, as long as the credit card with fixed rates stays that way. But that is not what happens. Banks and credit card issuers hold the right to alter this fixed rate of in........ Read More

Five Credit Card Billing Problems And How To Fix Them

It goes without saying that your first and best defense against paying fraudulent or unfair charges on your credit card is knowing what your bill says! When you receive your credit card statement each month, sit down with it and check each item to make sure that you actually DID purchase it. If you do run into inaccuracies or problems, there are procedures to follow to report and deal with the charges. If you don't follow the procedure and the card company decides to notify a credit reporting ag........ Read More


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